Industrial Park Council is a consultative and advisory body, which contributes to the decisions of the Minister of National Economy in connection with Industrial Parks. This Council, which replaces the previous Reviewer Committee and the Industrial Parks Development Council, combines the functions of the above mentioned organizations in a smaller, but accordingly to the intensions of the Ministry of National Economy in a more efficient way. The assignments of the Council are inter alia to discuss the materials which present the status, development and the evaluation of industrial parks and on the proposals concerning provisions connected to industrial parks. The task of the Council furthermore is to express an opinion about the draft tender of the achievement of the title “industrial park”, about the evaluation of the received tenders and about the award proposals.

The Council is chaired by Dr. Lenner Áron Márk who is the Deputy State Secretary for Internal Economy in the Ministry for National Economy. The members of the Organization are the following: Ministry for National Economy, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of National Development, the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Hungarian Association for Innovation, the Association of Municipal Industrial Parks, the Association of Industrial, Science, Innovation and Technology Parks, Hungarian Association of Science and Technology Parks, Association of Incubator Houses.

The Industrial Park Council gives an opinion about the ongoing tenders and about the requests tending to modify the agreements on terms and conditions of the “Industrial Park” title. During the meetings several applications of areaexpansion have been already evaluated, paving the way for competitiveness of industrial parks and creating a business environment which fosters investments, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The Council meets on a monthly basis - even in certain industrial parks, as an external meeting - to ensure the development of industrial parks in a more efficient way.

According to paragraph 10 of the 1464/2011 (XII. 22.) Government Decision about the Industrial Park Council “Ensuring the improvement of Industrial parks’ networking, the collaboration and clustering of enterprises, the communication of industrial parks with each other, as well as with the government, and local governments an online platform (hereinafter online platform) shall be established –as an internal and external communication platform– which operates from the 1th of January 2013. The Ministry for National Economy will be responsible for the Site.”

Owing to the establishment of the online platform the reports –sent by the industrial parks to the Ministry–, the sites and informations of the industrial parks will be available on the portal, which will greatly contribute to simplify and to speed up the process. The 179 industrial parks located in Hungary incorporate nearly 4,028 companies, where more than 187 thousand people are employed. In addition, the industrial parks cover up the 33 percent of industrial production, hence the ensuring of their economical and infrastructural stability and growth is a key factor in the development of the Hungarian industry.

(Deputy Ministry of State for National Economic Affairs, Ministry for National Economy)